Goose down duvets

When during the coldest months of the year the temperatures drops, a good solution may be to use quilts can retain body heat protecting from the cold and humidity during the night hours.


Goose duvets for a sound sleep

Thanks to an efficient production system, Plumex Cammilleri Industrie itself is a leader in Italy in the production of goose down duvets and duvets of certified quality, using excellent raw materials.
Inside the padding of goose down comforters, the best and softest goose feathers are inserted after a thorough process of antibacterial treatment and processing.

Certified duvet production

In the vast catalogue of the Turin-based company, you will also find a wide choice of duvet covers of different colours and patterns, both plain or striped. Available in different sizes, comforters, duvets and duvet covers for insulating the cold in an absolutely effective way, while the finishing touches and details also ensure an appearance of great refinement. 

Turn to Plumex Cammilleri Industrie in Turin to get all the information about the available products.
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