Plumex products are of high quality and will ensure peace of mind for a long time.

Along with the product, we provide useful tips to maintain the item over time, to enjoy a soft hug during your sleep for many many years.

Here are some tips for proper maintenance of your duvet:

Ecco alcuni consigli per la corretta manutenzione del vostro piumino:

  • TRUE NATURAL FEATHER stuffing - PLUMEX must not be beaten, but shaken on a horizontal plane;
  • the elimination of fluff must be done with a soft brush;
  • exposing the TRUE NATURAL FEATHER stuffing - PLUMEX to the sun, in a ventilated area, at the end of each season will ensure the maintenance of softness of the product;
  • to store the TRUE NATURAL FEATHER STUFFING - PLUMEX simply wrap it in a bag of cotton without moth or the like;
  • every four to five years it is advisable to wash and sterilise the duvet to keep its inherent characteristics intact;
  • If you choose water washing up to a maximum of 40°, you need to take into account a natural shrinkage of 5-7% and 2-3% of the warp of the plot;
  • hand washing must be done using mild soap and rinse carefully;
  • drying the quilt must occur in a warm, dry environment, indoors or outdoors;
  • the REAL NATURAL FEATHERS - PLUMEX can also be dry cleaned at a cleaning service.
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