Stuffing feathers

Plumex Cammilleri Industrie is a leader in the production and sale of quality duvets and quilts.

To retain the greatest amount of body heat at night, it is important to use a duvet or quilt that can protect us from the cold and at the same time ensure body perspiration during sleep: choosing from the offerings of Plumex Cammilleti Industrie means having security in a certified and accurate product in every detail.

The quilts and comforters contain the following fillings:

  • Natural goose feather;
  • synthetic polyester fiber.

The duvets are available in various colours and designs, plain or with different patterns, such as flowers or drawings of various kinds in order to satisfy every need and taste.
All upholstered products made by Plumex Cammilleri Industrie are sold in different parts of Italy, other than the provinces of Turin and Milan, with the help of an efficient and extensive distribution network.
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