For over sixty years, Plumex Cammilleri Industries has produced duvets, quilts and pillows with quality materials.

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Every night a soft embrace of sartorial excellence


Plumex has a daily production capacity of over 300 duvets and hundreds of pillows of all types, maintaining the quality standards of each product.

The company caters to a wide market that ranges from specialized shops, national and foreign franchising, GDO, and industry, thanks to a vertical structure and great flexibility.

The company has been managing its production for years through 2 different lines:

  • Plumex brand, for all items stuffed with feathers, including duvets, quilts, pillows and feather furniture cushions;
  • Cammil brand, for items upholstered with high quality synthetic materials with high thermal contents such as duvets, quilts, pillows and fiber furniture cushions.
  • E.A.R.T.H. for our productions made with second life down from clothing, cushions, furniture etc. which are transformed from waste into a new resource

Each Plumex product is the result of over fifty years experience in the sector with the aim of always guaranteeing our consumers quality garments, tailored, finished with care and safe (thanks also to its no acar system).