For over sixty years, Plumex Cammilleri Industries has produced duvets, quilts and pillows with quality materials.

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Quilts in goose down

Patterns, modernity and timeless classics


Warm winter embrace

During the coldest months of the year, when the temperatures drop significantly, it is essential to ensure a peaceful and healthy sleep: this is possible thanks to the use of padded down quilts, able to keep the body at the perfect temperature while allowing optimal air flow.

It is important to choose a quilt of quality, made with a padding of real feathers, that is able to guarantee a warm remedy, while at the same time a remarkable lightness: since they are made of natural material, the down quilts are lightweight and soft and provide protection from cold and moisture.

Furthermore, the advantage of a printed quilt is to make the bedroom elegant and more complete, every year Plumex chooses samples of fabrics that are always fashionable and with the finest yarns. This is why great brands have chosen the Plumex style for years.

Double and single quilts

Plumex Cammilleri Industrie is a leading company in the production of high quality padded down quilts at truly competitive prices, offering a vast catalog of single or double duvet covers with various patterns and colors, from classic but ever-current flowers to the most modern geometric designs or digital prints.

Down quilts made by Plumex Cammilleri Industrie are guaranteed over time and are available in various types and formats: by contacting the Turin office you can receive more information or learn about our catalog of products in detail.